Dear New Foreigners

Dear foreigners new to living in Denmark. It’s going to happen to you.

(Mon)Days like today where everything is dark, cold, windy and rainy and you go from wet to worse and everything in between.

Where you can’t – for the love of God (he/she/it is everywhere, it seems) – remember why you came to this small, silly and fucking wet country. And where it not only rains almost as much as in Aberdeen or Bergen but where everyone – and yes, that must include you – bikes everywhere. And get soaked on our way there.

Where you would trade all the beer, pork, lakrids and 40 hour work weeks in the world for your perfect and dreamy sunny beach (not that Sunny Beach). Or at least just a little bit of light.

So when one of those days does hit you, remember this: Danes have lived in this cold, darkness and rain all our lives. And we still get pissed and raise our fists angrily at the Heavens when we get wet. While you try to get out of your wet clothes, people (luckily mostly old people) will tell you Der er ikke dårligt vejr, kun forkert påklædning – and when you understand what that means you will want to him them (five across the eyes).

But don’t worry! Everything you feel is quite natural and within as little as 5-10 years you could get so much used to it, that when you do get caught in a rain shower, you will simply shrug your shoulders and say at least I’m on my way home.

So good luck in Denmark. Enjoy the perfect weather. And may the particles of the Danish skies be with you!

PS. I really do feel for you guys coming from warm and sunny places whenever I hear about or see one of you stuck on a bike in head wind on a cold, dark and rainy autumn day. On behalf of the old Norse gods: my apologies for our shit weather!

3 tanker om “Dear New Foreigners

  1. Hov – intet ondt ord om Sunny B … altså ud over det der med, at der er tyske nudister overalt blandet med ungdommen-nu-til-dags, som konkurrerer om, hvem der kan kværne flest Viagra-piller på en aften – med skræmmende konsekvenser til følge. Ved nærmere eftertanke foretrækker jeg nok alligevel en rigtig regnvejrsdag i København …

      • Jeg har på fornemmelsen, at 30+-årig emo-man-boy nok ville klare sig væsentligt bedre i det rigtige Bulgarien. Der er nemlig både talende måger og forladte Tivoli’er og ægte bulgarer. Og i det rigtige Bulgarien undgår man også Viagra-fyre og bartender-typer med sætninger som ‘I love Pimp’ tatoveret på røven (det er ikke med min gode vilje, at jeg har set den slags med egne øjne – heldigvis kun i professionel sammenhæng …)

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